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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs - Hirer Liabilities

Q: What is your policy on parking offences?

A: Should a parking charge not be paid by the hirer of the vehicle and we have to pay the charge, our standard administration fee will be added to the parking charge and debited from the hirer of the vehicle.

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Q: What is your policy on bus lane offences?

A: If you enter a bus lane and we are notified of a bus lane contravention charge we will settle the charge, add our standard administration fee and debit the hirer of the vehicle.

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Q: What is your policy on the London Congestion Charge?

A: Any vehicle movement into or within the marked charging zone (CC) between 07:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs (Monday to Friday), is chargeable at the rate of £11.50 per day.

Only one payment per vehicle per day is required and once the first payment is made, any number of journeys may be made that day by that vehicle into, out of or within the CC. The payment of £11.50 must be made by 23:59 hrs on the day the movement was made, otherwise the charge rises to £14.00. If that sum is not paid before 23:59 hrs on the following charging day, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued for the sum of £130.00 (discounted to £65.00 if paid within 14 days). If the charge is not paid within 28 days, the charge rises to £195.00.

Full details are available from Transport for London's website:

It is YOUR responsibility to pay for any vehicle movement into or within the CC. Where we make a delivery to you within the CC, you must pay the £11.50 fee. This then covers the first day's Charge.

All other days' charges, including the charge for the last day of the hire, are YOUR responsibility. When you pay the charge, you will be given a receipt / transaction number for the payment. Please keep this number as you will need it in case of a dispute between you and Transport for London (TFL).

Payments can be made via the Internet, text, telephone or pay - point, but you must pay on the day you used the CC. If you fail to pay, TFL will send a Penalty Charge Notice. It is your responsibility to pay this Penalty Charge. If you fail to pay the charge on the day you used the CC, you will, in addition, be charged an Administration Fee by us.

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Q: What else is the hirer responsible/liable for?

A: You are responsible for all daily checks; tyre pressures, engine oils, windscreen washer fluid, lights etc. You are fully liable for any windscreen, glass, wheel or radiator damage, and any punctures.

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Q: What is the insurance excess liability on the vehicle?

A: There is an insurance excess liability on all hire vehicles of £500, which is taken in the form of a deposit. We will take a credit card deduction and ask that you give authorization. In the unlikely event of an accident, we will retain the appropriate amount, otherwise it will be returned to you on return of our vehicle.

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Q: I have received a warning letter through Limesquare from Ask MID. What do I do?

A: If you are hiring a vehicle from us and you are using your own insurance you are required to list the vehicle on the MID (Motor Insurance Database). If you receive an Ask MID warning letter, it means you have not listed the vehicle on the MID. The letter allows you a period of time to add the vehicle to the database before a fine is sent out. Any fine we receive will be passed on to you at which point we can either contest the fine on your behalf if you have reason for us to do so, chargeable at a fee of £15, or you can make payment for the fine within 7 days.

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